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2023 - Carlo's one-hour drama No Parole was named a quarterfinalist in CineStory's 2023 TV Retreat and Fellowship Competition.


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2023 - Carlo's one-hour drama No Parole was named a quarterfinalist in the 2023 Screen Crafts True Story and Public Domain Screenplay Competition.



2020 - Carlo's one-hour drama No Parole was named a quarterfinalist in the 2020 Shore Scripts Pilot Competition.


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Based on an extraordinary true story, 'No Parole' follows a brilliant but dysfunctional struggling actor whose life becomes chaos when his con artist mother re-enters his life in need of refuge from the Feds. Though initially reluctant, her skillset might be able to take him further than any acting class ever could.

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In 1970's Alphabet City, a young Latin twink defies his Bible-thumping dad and embraces his inner deity, transforming into a fearsome drag queen. But this destiny goes beyond the stage as he fights demons, disbelievers, and himself to become a full-ass biblical saint!



Working with Carlo is like falling into a riot of bliss. Whether as an actor or content creator, Carlo questions, pushes, provokes, creating worlds, making connections, unearthing backstory and subtext in a way I’ve never encountered before.  His methods incite the imagination, forcing you to go deeper and further into the story-world than you ever thought possible. My sessions with Carlo opened up so much story, character, relationship, and subtext, it was necessary to scrap a lot of the old in favor of the newly discovered. More work, sure. But I’m grateful not only for the added depth and meaning but the experience itself. His imagination is a rocket ship and I had to race to keep up. It was an exhaustive but thrilling trip through our imaginary world.


Joseph Graham - Filmmaker is best known for the surrealist film "Vanilla" (TLA Releasing, 2006) and the feature films "Strapped" (TLA Releasing, 2010) and "Beautiful Something" (Ariztical Entertainment, 2016 – Winner, Best Actor, Ensemble, Chicago Reeling International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival).


Projects in development between Carlo and Joe:

  • Fake Plastic Trees - A futuristic A.I Feature Film

  • Carlito’s Way Home  - Feature Film inspired by Carlo’s childhood


"Carlo has vast experience as a writer and he generates material faster than anyone on the planet. He just comes up with it, on the fly. He calls it writing on his feet, and he utilizes improvisation to not only make material that crackles, but to instantaneously create text that is funny, dangerous, provocative, and always unexpected".


Indio Suarez  - Filmmaker and solo playwright/story writer. Indio is from El Paso New Mexico, he has collaborated with Carlo on his solo play, "Y la Mancha Tambien", and is currently working on an untitled screenplay about street gangs of homeless children, living in the streets of Mexico City DF.

Carlo D'Amore - Interactive Experience Writer

Looking for help?


  • Have a great idea, story or concept, but don’t know how to start writing?

  • Need a kick-ass ending for your film, pilot, play, or immersive experience?

  • Do you want an in-depth script analysis session to find the story in your story?

  • You suck at dialogue, and want some help?

  • Want to learn how to write an audience lead Interactive Experience?

  • You have an Immersive Theater idea but you're not a writer?


If you answer yes, to any of the questions below, reach out and we’ll see if we can help!

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