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Murder in La La Land - Poster.png



The year 1951.

The Place: La La Land

Here the pervasiveness of the motion picture industry is the only thing that matters to anybody who's somebody.  In true LIT fashion, YOU’RE a company member at Summit Pictures, one of La La's major film studios, but after clocking out on this day, no one is going home! One of your very own, a talented screenwriter, made a big splash, name in lights and all that jazz... until last night's disaster began to rock an already fickle, fragile, and feeble foundation.


Meet the iconic characters you think you know while getting an insider's peek behind the facade. Become a key player as you experience a tragically hilarious story probing the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens of SHOWBIZ! What will you do to make it?

"Our team had so much fun with our virtual Murder Mystery! Thank you, guys - it was a very refreshing virtual event and worked well! Actors were brilliant - thanks again :)".

- Katie Brown, Google Review

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