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An asteroid collides with Earth in just over an hour. You are at an apartment party in New York City with eight people whom you know from various stages of your life. What do you discuss with them? What is going through your mind? Do you have any regrets? These are the large, existential questions brought forth by Live In Theatre’s This Is When We Rest, an apocalyptic theater experience designed by Leland Masek and directed by Carlo D’Amore that combines Live Action Role Play (LARP) gaming and participatory theater.

No Proscenium

Thought-provoking, intimate, dynamic, and infinitely repeatable, This is When We Rest is an experience that lingers on, long after the party is over.


Off Off Online

The crowning jewel of This Is When We Rest is the party, wherein participants might access the rare, freeing feeling of “playing pretend” as grown adults, and it all plays off splendidly in this roleplay scenario!

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