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5. Mean Queens Poster.jpg

Mean Queens is like a true-crime podcast come to life

But here, you won't just listen. You'll examine, prod, investigate, and grill suspects

as you face Greek life. One Actress - Five Roles - A Tour De Force Performance!

Kelly S

They did a truly outstanding job entertaining us! Our team enjoyed the experience and looks forward to the next Murder Mystery!

Chris C

What a blast! The story was compelling and the actors were true professionals. I have never experienced immersive/group participation theater in that way before, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Cassie B

We did this as a teambuilding activity over Zoom and it was SO FUN! The facilitators were great, the talent was fantastic. What a great way to spend a little intentional togetherness time with my teammates! (AND we solved a murder!)

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