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As a director, Carlo’s main question is:

How do we illuminate the complexity of the human condition?


Carlo approaches projects (and everything) by feeling his way through it. He’s deep instinct mines performances that awaken in us (the audience) compassion, understanding, curiosity, empathy, rage, sorrow, they make us laugh, repel us, build community, allow us to feel the pathos and at the same time create memorable entertainment. If the work doesn't move the audience, if it doesn't create a reaction, he’s not interested.


Carlo’s approach to directing is simple. Be as critical as possible in the casting process. Assemble a team of daring performers not afraid to get dirty, individuals willing to go to any length, to tell the truth. Tell great new stories, look at classics through a new lens, tackle the difficult, the uncomfortable, the risky and tell it all boldly! Carlo demands excellence in acting, and his years of experience as a performer have given him the ability to dissect and tackle the most challenging of roles. He takes the work of the director, and melds it with the work of a great teacher, crafting performances and moments that make an impact, for both audience and the performers fortunate enough to work with him.

Carlo D'Amore - No Parole - Performance

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"Hugely Entertaining"

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