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If you're an actor and you say "yes" to any of the following questions, reach out and we'll see if we're a good fit!


  • Do you want more confidence?

  • Do you want more dynamism & depth in your performances?

  • Are you willing to work hard?


Please Note: All of the actors I work with (unless your a recognizable name) will go through an extensive audition process.


In person or online video coaching available! 

To reach out to Carlo click here.

A message from Carlo

I identify most with being an actor, it's what I do best. It's taken me 20+ years to get where I am, and there's still much more to learn. I have old school respect for the art form of acting and yet very practical applications on how to do it.


I'm also a teacher and because of my experience as a fellow performer, my work has helped countless actors I've collaborated with whether in my productions or classes or as a one-on-one acting coach. I've seen many actors blossom!


Take a look at what some of them are saying about working with me.



Paola Nuñez an accomplished Mexican actress. She has a varied career both in Latin America and in the United States. She can be seen playing Maria opposite Pierce Brosnan in AMC's "The Son", in La Reina del Sur, on Netflix and most recently in the soon to be released, Bad Boys for Life, starring opposite Will Smith.

Themo Melikidze - Headshot

"I can certainly say that working with Carlo was by far one of the most memorable encounters that I've experienced. His unorthodox style of teaching and his perspective of the art of acting was truly inspiring. The most valuable element that stuck with me was his honesty as a teacher and as a fellow actor in this industry. Carlos's abilities and teachings as a creative mind affected me and each and every student who was fortunate enough to work with him. I had the honor of working with The Live In Theater from 2012-2013, and that is the year when I truly built my skills as an actor. Every show was a new experience that I can still recall and refer back to often in my mind. The real-life interaction with the audience and the quick thinking that was required on my part was vital for the show, which transformed my rugged style of acting into a detailed and in the moment process."


Themo Melikidze, LIT company member
Check it out: Themo Melikidze to Play Boston Marathon Bomber in "Patriots Day".


Working with Carlo has been one of the greatest and most fulfilling processes of my acting career. He asked a lot of us and demanded our best but also provided us with the tools needed to succeed in the creation and performance. Collaboration with Carlo is a deep and personal experience because he truly takes what we bring to the table and together we craft something that is specific and full. He’s a natural and charismatic leader and I always felt safe during the process.

Working with Carlo has enabled me to create and inhabit characters I never thought I would. He’s such an exciting and specific actor himself, I’ve learned so much just watching him. Plus he’s fun! Really fun!


Phoebe Dunn, LIT company member

Leila Bicos - Headshot

"Carlo is one of those great acting teachers and directors who manage to teach you so much without making it feel like class or work. He is so incredibly passionate that it can't help but transfer to you and the work that you do under his guidance, and ultimately if you can tap into that passion, you'll be okay no matter what the role. Working in LIT productions is like the Olympics of acting. As an actress who has worked on both film and stage the two present different and equally difficult challenges, but LIT gives you all of those challenges at once! I can't think of a better training tool for an actor...I don't know how he does it, but just in the short time I've worked with Carlo, I've overcome so many of my personal blocks as an actress. I guess that's why he's the teacher and I'm the student. Every actor should work with Carlo and aspire to act in one of his productions. It will truly make you the best you can be."


Leila Bicos, LIT company member 

Jeff Foley - Headshot

"Working with Carlo at Live in Theater has helped me hone my skills as an actor and in just a couple of months, I have experienced, not steps but, leaps in my creativity and abilities. I am twice the actor and triple the person I was before I started with Live IN Theater. No bs!"


Jeffrey Foley, LIT company member

Josh Dye - Headshot

"Carlo pushes you to where you think you can go but aren't quite sure how to get there. Carlo knows how he gives you the tools to expand your craft. He takes out the heaviness and theory of acting and replaces it with an instruction that produces immediate results. Carlo is a master of the craft, working with him inspires me to dig deeper and always search for what makes a character dynamic. This is what he is always instilling on us, be DYNAMIC going from one rich emotion/ moment to the other. He makes it so fluid and that's what he's teaching, to be fluid and make strong choices, never settle for mundane. Other teachers preach this but there is a break in communication between teacher and student. Carlo simplifies and reduces the tools so you are given immediate results. Since working with Carlo I have become fearless in my auditions. I have booked 2 television shows and 3 indie feature films. I owe this to Carlo and my experience at LiveInTeheater. The man is a master craftsman and a genius. He will make you a better actor period."


Josh Dye, LIT company member

Jason Vance - Headshot

"Working with Carlo in his shows has created a 100% improvement in my willingness to trust and go with my impulses as an actor. Since the audience can--and will--say anything, there's little to no time to think or prepare, but simply respond in character from impulses. That's where the best and truest acting comes from, not calculated brain ideas, but flowing in the moment. This kind of uncertainty is a fear that plagues so many actors, including myself before, but now it's incredibly refreshing to be so confident going with the flow of what the audience is giving and discovering new places it can and will go each and every time."


Jason Vance, LIT company member

Kevin Percival - Headshot

"Working with Carlo was an unforgettable experience. I had previously acted in a couple of projects with him as a director, and he always struck an excellent balance between giving actors the freedom to create and pushing them as performers. Other directors who think of themselves as collaborators should take note. Also, his process works. His shows challenge both actors and audiences to go to some uncomfortable and exciting places, and that sets them apart from other interactive productions I had been a part of. The final product of J&K 1965 left audiences greatly impacted and, as an actor, I always looked forward to suiting up as John each week".  


Kevin Percival, LIT company member 

Michael Alexis Palmer - Headshot

"Carlo D'Amore is one helluva actor, writer, director. Fairly Recently, Carlo asked me to take part of an interactive production that he wrote and produced called 'The Murder of Venus Extravaganza 1988' where I would have to do a female wig and stiletto heels, this would be to date the most challenging characters I've ever performed in my career. Fortunately, due to Carlos' patience, skill, and directorial talents, I was able to build an extremely confident character and tell a fun, yet important story. There is nothing better than having a brilliant writer, director on your side, It's that much better when he's also a dear friend as well".


Michael Alexis Palmer, LIT company member 

Nicole Orabona - Headshot

"I've never worked with anyone quite like Carlo. His passion for the work is infectious. His no-nonsense approach will push you in new ways, and he's always looking to help you create the most honest performance possible".

Nicole Orabona, LIT company member

Collin Blackard - Headshot

"Carlo D'Amore is the most energetic and creative artist I've met.  He has an otherworldly enthusiasm for developing productions that are entertaining, thought-provoking, and downright original.  His imagination is limitless and every idea is purpose-driven. From Carlo, I've learned to say yes to the next impulse. He taught me that fear is the actor's worst enemy.  Carlo taught me courage. Carlo D'Amore is a dynamic presence in the performance world. He surpasses expectations".

Collin Blackard, LIT company member "The Ryan Case 1873," "The Lombardi Case 1975" and "The Murder of Venus Xtravaganza 1988", "Fierce & Deadly 1988".

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