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Genres: Drama/Dark Comedy

Runtime: 10 Minutes 30 Seconds

Completion Date: Oct 15th, 2022


Based on an incredible true story, Mamita is an Almodóvar-esque film, set in 1975 Peru. Personifying the delicate love between a mother and her son, Carlito. As Mamita breathes in heartbreak, she exhales her son’s true father to be none other than Spanish megastar Camilo Sesto “The King of Love”! And now… Carlito must make the biggest choice of his life!


Mamita Poster laurels 022223.jpg

Some of the praise for solo play NO PAROLE the basis for MAMITA the film

"Ferocious fun!"

San Francisco Chronicle

"...So brilliant it leaves every other
fringe show behind!"

Hairline Fringe Scotland

"A black-box blend of Martin Scorsese
and Pedro Almodóvar."

San Francisco Bay Guardian

Mamita - Watch Film Here


Director Statement

It was only after my mothers passing in April of 2021 that I felt completely comfortable in telling our entire story, by then the police couldn't come and arrest her and punish me for harboring a fugitive criminal.


See, my mother was a renowned actress on the stage of life! It's not an accident that I followed in her footsteps into the arts, the significant difference is that I've used art as a way to express my creativity and unpack what it means to be human. My mother used her "acting skills" to live a life on her own terms. She was amongst many other things an international con-artist. A woman who gave way more than she took, but she did take a lot. She was called by the thousands she helped, illegally to secure Green Cards la Señora Robinhood. She was responsible for providing for us and our tribe immeasurable opportunities, and creating much mayhem outside our front door. At its core, our story is that of a son and his mother, a story of forgiveness and an eternal bond that not even the American government would be able to break.


Mamita, my first short film is one tiny story in the story of our lives, the rest is being developed into a television series. Thanks for reading!

mamita_final (Original)
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The Evolution of Mamita

Solo Play - No Parole

Camilo Sesto.JPG

Short Film - Mamita

Mamita and Camilo.jpeg
The best parks in all of Europe.jpg

TV Series - (Coming Soon)

Cast and Crew

Carlo D'Amore

Writer / Director / Producer

Copy of Carlo D_Amore_Director Headshot.jpg

Carlo D’Amore is a Peruvian Italian creative entrepreneur: A writer with countless scripts in various formats from short films, screenplays, plays, solo pieces, immersive games, and interactive experiences. 


He's an award-winning actor, a playwright, a Drama Desk Nominated director The Ryan Case 1873 - a producer, as well as an experience designer and the creative director and founder of Live in Theater Productions (LIT). His work with LIT has been featured in N.Y Times, N.Y Mag, GQ, NBC, The Times of London, SF Chronicle, and The Verge, to name but a few. Some of our notable mentions - CBS voted “Lombardi Case 1975 - Top 7 Attractions in New York City. “Brilliant” New York Magazine, “ “Hugely Entertaining” New York Times. LIT has an impressive list of thousands of corporate partners and it has been experienced by hundreds of thousands worldwide.


As an actor, Carlo has appeared on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regional Theaters across the country and internationally. He’s worked as a voice-over actor, in Film, and Television. Carlo’s first original solo play “No Parole” (the basis for Mamita & No Parole the television series) performed for over a decade and amassed an impressive list of accolades some of our favorites are: “a black-box blend of Martin Scorsese and Pedro Almodóvar.” “Ferocious fun!” “A real gem!” The play was voted top 7 plays of the year and received an audience favorite nomination at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 


Carlo’s work pushes the envelope, he challenges both actors who work with him and audiences who experience his work to go to some uncomfortable and exciting places. In the final product, audiences are greatly impacted, and that’s the goal! To move people, to express the human condition with all of its intricacies.

Paola Nuñez

Actor / Mamita

Paola Nuñez.jpeg

Paola Núñez is a talented Mexican actor who can be seen as a series regular on Netflix’s latest installment of the RESIDENT EVIL franchise. She will next be seen recurring on Netflix's THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, created by Mike Flanagan. Prior to that she starred as the female lead in the tremendously successful BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, as the film's female lead opposite Will Smith, as well as appearing as a series regular on season 2 of THE PURGE. She also starred as the lead in the AMC series THE SON, opposite Pierce Brosnan, and booked the ABC pilot RUNNER. Paola is a huge star in Latin America with a massive body of work, including REINA DE CORAZONES, PASION MORENA, and AMOR EN CUSTODIA. She was thrilled to work with Carlo on Mamita and is enraptured with the story of Carlo’s mother, an incredible character to say the least!

Kor Wren

Actor / Mamita

Khor Wren.png

Eight year old Kor Wren is a Latino LA Based actor who portrays Carlito in “Mamita”. He can be seen on ABC’s “Modern Parents”, Nickelodeon’s “Face's Music Party”, and several national commercials. Additionally, Kor is the main protagonist in the upcoming thriller, “The Belated Gift”. He also has a principal role in the upcoming feature film, “The Pandemic Trilogy”.

Phoebe Dunn


Phoebe Dunn.jpg

Phoebe Dunn is a NY based actor, producer and writer. She has appeared on network television shows such as The Looming Tower, FBI: Most Wanted, New Amsterdam and Dead Ringers. She’s produced numerous short projects including Ac Mong, Crow God, June, The Charlie and Rylee Show, Lullaby: An Alicia Drayton Music Video, Fractal and Mamita. Her own short film RED, which she wrote, produced and starred in, premiered at the LA Femme Film Festival and screened at several film festivals including Cinequest, New York Shorts and Monmouth Film Festival. As a budding producer it is Phoebe’s goal to make the impossible possible and to uplift the voices and stories she believes in. Her current project Negotiation will be her directing debut. Phoebe is the founder and creative producer of TrustMe Films. 

Federico Verardi

Director of Photography

Federico Verardi .png

Fede’s unusual journey starts on the hills of Tuscany. He always knew he was meant to do something out of the ordinary and began to find his purpose as he moved between three different continents as a kid. Living in Italy, Venezuela, and North America exposed him to diverse cultures and a myriad of different people. This allows him to understand the differing artistic demands of storytellers and go to great extents to achieve the director’s vision. 


Fede has been a professional Cinematographer and Operator for over 15 years and has worked on countless projects all over the world. He primarily works on narrative projects such as features and TV series, but also often takes on documentaries and commercials. Some of his most cinematography credits include the award winning feature, “Alone” directed by John Hyams and 2nd Unit Cinematography on the TV Show "The Purge"  He has also operated on numerous projects such as “Key and Peele", "Deep Water" starring Ben Affleck, and Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot."


Fede is passionate about bringing stories to life in an unusual and beautiful way. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and is ready to get involved in the next project that will challenge and stretch him to new levels.

Jason Satturlund


Jason Satterlund.jpg

Jason Satterlund has been writing and directing films for about 100 years. He's directed multiple award-winning feature films and, in 2021, he wrote and directed 28 episodes of television.

His latest feature film, The Abandon, just sold to Lionsgate and will be seen in theaters across North America. His Star Wars film, Kenobi, clocked one million views in 24 hours, and landed on Steven Soderbergh's watch list. This resulted in a cover page article in the New York Times arts section, making him an official nerd.

When he isn't busting his hump on his own projects, he enjoys teaching filmmaking workshops and shaping the filmmakers of the future.

Stacy Dávila

Costume Design

Stacey Davila.jpeg

Stacey Dávila is from San Juan, Puerto Rico where she worked for the fashion design line Ecliptica. This is when Norein and Michelle Otero inspired Stacey to pursue a career in Costume Design. It was her love for costumes, story telling, and collaboration that made her relocate to Tampa, Florida where she completed a bachelors in Costume Design at The University of South Florida. Stacey has designed for choreographers like Andrew Carroll, Bliss Kohlmyer, Maurice Causey, John Parks, Michael Foley, and Paula Nuñez. Stacey relocated to NYC in 2017 where she started working with Live in Theater and Ballet Hispanico. She is currently the Wardrobe Director for Ballet Hispanico.

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