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River Crossing, Carolina, is our fictionalized community deep in the American South. This is a three-cop town. Here the population comprises upper-class landowners and lower-middle-class farmers and their families. All of the inhabitants in River Crossing can trace their roots back to this land for hundreds of years. A place lost in time, and last Friday night, between 9:45 pm - 10 pm, the most influential person in town was murdered.

Annie G

Amazing performers, and a compelling mystery!  Definitely a great way to get a quick dose of interactive theater from your living room, 90 minutes well spent!

Tonya P

These guys did an AMAZING job entertaining our group. We did a murder mystery and they were totally in character the entire time, we laughed HARD!

Rachel J

WOW! What an interactive time with this murder mystery. The acting was so good. I really LOVED it!

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