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Wrestle Rally _86 Poster.jpg

The year is 1986

“Radical” Rachel Riley was athletic, charismatic, energetic, and Women of Fury Wrestling’s (WoFW) biggest star. She brought a young, hip audience to a dying WoFW. Tonight, at Wrestle Rally ‘86, the Radster had her biggest match. EVER! Sadly, it was also her last. But was her death a tragic accident or a malicious murder? 

Go undercover as your wrestling persona and infiltrate the backstage life of WoFW. Interview those closest to the Radical One. Just keep one thing in mind: who can you trust in a business as fake as wrestling?

Simone S

The group did an AMAZING job with my corporate group! We had an amazing time, lots of laughs, and a great team building activity. The acting was fantastic and the actors were so quick on their feet. Thank you!

A totally new entertainment.. Talented actors who make you believe it is for real! BRAVO!


The online murder mystery was more than worth staying up until 3.30am for (European time zones)! Amazing actors made it a joy to participate!

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