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The Typhoid Mary 1915 - Poster

It’s March of 1915 and the NYC health officials arrest a 45-year-old woman after linking her to 51 cases of Typhoid Fever, 3 of them fatal. This is Mary Mallon, known infamously as “Typhoid Mary.” It’s up to you to enact justice by participating as members of the defense, persecution

and jury for someone who was once considered the deadliest woman in the world.


The Trial for Typhoid Mary 1915 is Carlo’s immersive and interactive trial experience that will transport participants into what would have been the controlled chaos of such a sensational case. It is a rare opportunity to live through a fascinating period of time in our city’s history and explore a gripping character. Will contemporary audiences decide she deserves another chance? Or will they repeat history and send her away for the rest of her life? The choice will be yours.

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