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—  The New York Times


“A particularly fine example…of outdoor theater.” 

Long gone are the days of passively watching a theatrical experience unfold in a darkened theater. In our present world as audiences, we demand a different way of engaging with our entertainment. Carlo has heard this unspoken demand and is innovating the performing arts, by taking "acting" and the "actor" and reconfiguring it into experiences that straddle the line between performance and real life. He has been creating immersive and interactive work since before people knew what to call it, and now he's creating film bringing his aesthetic to the big screen.


Carlo is continually searching for what’s new, and yet he doesn't forget the principals that have governed performance. Good storytelling, daring performances, playing high stakes and seeing the good, the bad and the ugly in all humanity. It's this combination of fascinating creative content, told in new ways what makes Carlo’s work memorable.


From Fortune 500 companies to the average Joe on the street, from international groups to renowned museums & educational institutions, to New York Cities' most respected theater critics, and international producing partners Carlo makes work that works!o name a few. Hundreds of thousands have experienced his works through LIT in New York City, Madrid, Spain, Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, and soon Shanghai China. 

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